Why you should attend GDG Edinburgh’s DevFest 2018

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to get myself registered in GDG DevFest 2018, Edinburgh. (Google Developers Festival) I’ve joined DevFest London previous year and I’m really excited to participate to my third DevFest. Here’s what I found was fascinating reasons why you should be excited and why should attend:

Awesome people around you : You get to meet a lot of inspirational people, you will find yourself around a lot of people having similar interests.

Get to know about new technologies : New technologies is what fascinates every developer, I especially enjoyed that part of the event you will get to know about new languages, frameworks, have an hands on experience with some languages or technology.

Discover yourself : You will be able to see where you stand among your peers. This will help you to get a direction wherever you will proceed in your career.

Awesome goodies : I got an awesome T-shirt and some cool goodies so even if you are a complete beginner at least you get these stuffs.

Awesome food : If you are lucky enough, some of these events have lunch and often conducted in a reputed place. So you will find a way to satisfy your tummies as well.

Opportunities : Since so much networking happens in GDG DevFest so there is a high probably that you bag an opportunity for yourself. (Pro tip: Get in touch with the organisers.)

This will be a wonderful experience as whole, you will definitely learn a lot from an event like this, so in future if you get an opportunity don’t miss out, do attend GDG DevFest 2018 in Scotland. Happy Coding.