The building was designed by painter Alexander Nasmyth in 1789, the figurine inside the structure is a depiction of the Greek goddess of health Hygeia. Discovered in 1760, this natural spring was rumoured by the locals to have healing powers, an excellent source for people’s health and wellbeing. The well was recently restored and features an exquisite mosaic ceiling.

“The chief ornament of this delightful valley” Alexander Campbell, 1801

A natural spring was discovered near the Dean Village on the Water of Leith in 1760 and was soon a visitor attraction as at that time ‘taking the waters’ was thought to be very good for the health.

Some claimed that the water could cure everything from a bruised leg to ‘total blindness’, but others described the taste as having the ‘odious twang of hydrogen gas’ or even like ‘the washings from a foul gun barrel’.

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