Stories for Effective Communication at the Storytelling Centre

Stories can communicate vision, goals, values, direction and purpose when strategically placed into personal presentations, advertising campaigns, social media, and one-on-one conversations. Learn to replace the sound bite with meaningful stories that show who you are and what you are doing.

Essential Stories for Effective Communication

Anyone who has a family will never lack for stories, and collecting them can be both rewarding and fun! This workshop will focus on types of family stories, methods of collection, and special concerns. You’ll also learn the many things you can do with stories once they’re collected – possibilities limited only by your own imagination! Scottish storytellers have been commissioned, with the support of the Scottish Government’s Festivals Expo Fund, to explore the legacy of traditions Scottish artists including Ewan McVicar, Ruth Kirkpatrick, Marion Kenny, Daniel Allison, Claire Hewitt, Martin MacIntyre, Ian Stephen and Andy Cannon.

The Scottish Storytelling Centre

The Storytelling Centre provides powerful communication tools for anyone who desires to change people’s lives through story. Learn to use story as an outreach tool, to write a better sermon, or shape your own personal story. Designed for ministers, counsellors, Sunday school teachers, volunteers, and folks from all faith-based settings.

Awarded by the European Union

The Scottish Storytelling Forum has been awarded a grant under the Culture Programme of the European Union. The Storytelling Festival will be the lead partner in collaboration with Germany, Italy and Portugal, aimed at the recovery of urban and rural narratives, reflecting our sense of identity through the landscape. Landscape plays a significant role in the Festival with many outdoor events, including Natural Journeys at the Royal Botanic Gardens and a day of storytellers sharing the tales of the fascinating Calton Hill monuments.

The Scottish Storytelling Festival

The 2018 Storytelling Festival looks to the future of storytelling in Scotland, nurturing local roots, reaching out globally, and celebrating Celtic traditions that are shared by Scotland and Ireland. Since its launch, the festival has continued to explore stories that shape and inform us through storytelling and music on a national and international stage. This is why the Scottish Government provides large amount fund to ensure new talent and creativity flourishes in Scotland and elsewhere.

The Scottish Storytelling Festival ensures traditions are steeped in events for young and old. Discover the magic of tradition radiating today with 66 events in Edinburgh and 27 throughout Scotland, from conferences to taster sessions, walking tours to informal family gatherings.