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The Edinburgh International Society leads the way on networking and like-minded group for residents, visitors, and workers in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. Although we try and put on the occasional social event called Friday Night Social and therefore included the following links page of Networking Events in Edinburgh. Why not try one or two of them out?

From its earliest frontier days, Edinburgh has had some of the best night in Scotland. “Sweet Home Edinburgh”. Nightclubs aplenty are all over town, especially along Cowgate, George Street, Grassmarket and Leith Walk on the North Side. New Town, is a bit down-at-the-heel but has half a dozen good venues.

As well as offering top-class activities that give you the chance to pursue hobbies and make new friends, Edinburgh International Society is also a great alternative to Edinburgh nightclubs as there are many opportunities to meet and engage with like-minded people.

Edinburgh International Society members are of all ages (over 18) and include all backgrounds. From surgeons to solicitors, single mums to students, extroverts and introverts, singles and couples alike. What unites them is their determination to live life to the full whatever their circumstances or bank balance. As our social clubs are aimed at absolute beginners, and with most members attending events on their own, the Edinburgh Social Events put great emphasis on ensuring that people feel welcome and at ease when they arrive at events.

FB Group:

Our events attract a local and an internationals in their 20s and 30s looking to share ideas, advice, opportunities, resources, referrals and meet like-minded people. We’re joining up with travellers network, young professionals network, entrepreneurs network and creative network for Friday Night Social We’re about making new friends & meaningful conversations, this is directly attributed to the relaxed, no pressure group setting we’ve created.

Networking Partners

Edinburgh Photo Walking

Edinburgh, GB
135 Members

Hello and welcome to Edinburgh International Photography Walks. We are a local meetup group that organise photo walks and events aimed at aspiring creatives, photographers, gr…

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Edinburgh International

Edinburgh, GB
1,657 Awesome

Edinburgh International Group – or – International Network is the premier “International Community” for people who want to experience new activities, share ideas or exchange r…

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Friday Night Social

Friday, Mar 23, 2018, 9:00 PM
2 Attending

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Edinburgh Nightlife Meetup

Edinburgh, GB
389 Awesome

We are a community of young professionals and students who enjoy upscale nightlife events at the finest Edinburgh clubs.Edinburgh offers the most exciting nightlife venues in…

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Friday Night Out

Friday, Mar 23, 2018, 8:55 PM
2 Attending

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Edinburgh Creative Network

Edinburgh, GB
307 creative

Edinburgh Creative Network is a free series of creative events for people who are interested in working in creative fields such as design, photography, film, animation, music,…

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Edinburgh Events

Edinburgh, GB
1,380 Member

Edinburgh Social Events anyone looking to meet new people while having a drink or doing something a little bit cultured. Events are a mixture of meeting up for drinks, going t…

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Friday Meetup

Friday, Mar 23, 2018, 8:40 PM
1 Attending

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