Looking for new friends in Edinburgh?

Moving to Edinburgh but don’t know any international or natives? Some hints to get you started!

When you move to a new city it can seem difficult to talk to the international and local people in Edinburgh. Where do you go? What do you say? To get the most out of the experience of moving abroad it’s important to try to embrace a little of the local culture, and speak the language. Here are some handy hints for meeting those elusive natives…

Making friends with the International Society

We know that making friends isn’t always a simple process. That’s why we offer a wide range of activities and social events for our members to pick and choose from. This attracts a wide range of different people, All with their own interests – so making friends with similar interests to you becomes a whole lot easier!

We currently have over 15,000 members in the Edinburgh – so that’s 15,000 people who are making friends with us right now!

With Edinburgh International Society making friends is easy and fun

Our aim is to show you how to meet friends in Edinburgh while doing something you are either already interested in, or would like to learn anyway. This makes for a great ice-breaker as you already have common ground with our other members on the same activity. Making friends is a lot easier when there is already a shared interest – so take a look at all of the events and activities we host and start to make new friends in Edinburgh today! To get you started, here is a selection of some of our recent activities

  • Friday Night Social (Social Drinks)
  • Pub Crawls
  • Saturday Night Outs (Edinburgh VIP Events)
  • Quiz nights
  • Halloween Party in Old Town Edinburgh
  • Highland and Edinburgh Tours
  • Free Walking Tours
  • Picnics at the Meadows Park

To view all of the activities we organise and see exactly why we are a great alternative to the usual Edinburgh upcoming events.

Follow International Society on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edinburgh.internationaI/
Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/edinburgh-international/

As well as offering top-class activities that give you the chance to pursue hobbies and make new friends, International Society is also a great alternative to Edinburgh nightclubs as there are many opportunities to meet and engage with like-minded people.