Dating event for Edinburgh students

The single life needn’t send shivers down your spine. What with Edinburgh home to not hundred, but hundreds of thousands of single scoundrels, dating can often be daunting, but that’s where we come in. Correlating a cool collection of ice breaking antics in the city, check out one of the best dating events in Edinburgh.

It can be hard to find time to date when you’re a studying long hours, but we really believe that character, adaptability, humour and ambition are just a few of the dimensions that we take into consideration, so you can be sure that you’ll find people who share the same priorities as you when it matters most.

The Friday Night Social is for students in Edinburgh. We certainly see many excellent successes with introductions here in Edinburgh over the years that we have been helping to create happy couples. If you live in Edinburgh and are looking for a dating night to find you someone really special, why don’t you read more about Friday Night Social?

Students who are selective about the people they meet. Just call us to find out how our events can help you find a compatible partner with a free membership in and around most towns in Scotland including Bonnyrigg, Dalkeith, Linlithgow, Edinburgh, Livingston, Musselburgh and Bathgate